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Atomic Assessments 3.25 Release Notes

3.25 - Beta 24 May 2021; Prod: 7 June 2021


  • Atomic Assessments UI will update to the language set in a Canvas course - Atomic Assessments will now update to display all user interfaces of the LTI in the language that is set for a Canvas course. This change will apply to both the teacher and student interfaces. Currently, this is only configured for the Spanish and Arabic languages. 

  • Updated the language on the penalties assignment level settings - We received feedback to update the language for assignment level penalties to better clarify the behavior of this setting. We have changed the “Disable Penalties” wording to “Do not use questions penalties”.

  • Empty response-feedback boxes no longer display when feedback is not configured for the box - When response-specific feedback is set for a question and a feedback option was blank, the blank box would appear to students. We have removed this box unless there is feedback set in the response-specific feedback section.

  • Expired trials of Atomic Assessments no longer let students take assignments - We removed the ability for students to take assessments when the trial period for Atomic Assessments has expired. Teachers still have the ability to create content when a trial expires.

  • Added functionality to prevent duplicate LTI installs - When installing Atomic Assessments through our install page, clicking on the “Install” button multiple times would install the tool several times into a course or subaccount. We disabled the install button after the first click so that the tool only installs once.

  • Renamed question level penalty point setting - Penalty points have been renamed in the question settings to “Points deducted for extra selections (when multiple responses enabled)”. This change is to help clear up confusion surrounding this setting. This setting has also been removed from the question types to which it can’t be applied.

  • Defaulted the penalty points for multiple choice and highlight question types to 1 point - We have defaulted the penalty point setting to 1 point for all Multiple Choice question types, and for the Hotspot, Token highlight, Shading question types. This change will only be applied to newly created assignments.

  • Defaulted some question types to have partial match scoring - Learnosity defaults to "Exact Match" scoring type, which means scoring is all right or all wrong for a question. This is contrary to how many other quizzing systems work. For example, if you give a Cloze question, you would probably expect students to get some credit for getting some of the answers correct. We have defaulted the following question types to Partial Match scoring with rounding set to “none”: Multiple choice - Multiple response, Cloze (all types), Choice Matrix, Cloze Math. This change will only be applied to newly created assignments.

  • Changed the language of the original activities and items course copy setting in the settings gear - We changed the language on the Atomic Assessments course copy setting from “The original activities and items in this course” to  "A read-only version of the original activities in this course" to better reflect what this setting does.


  • Sometimes no microphone was detected with the Audio Recorder question type - Sometimes, a “no microphone detected” error would appear when using the Audio Recorder question type. This error would happen regardless of whether the microphone was configured in the browser or not. When this error appeared, the student was not allowed to continue the attempt, and had to refresh the page to continue. This fix will only work with newly created assignments and does not fix old assignments that have this issue. 

  • The course copy setting in a target course changed to whatever was set in the source course after a copy - Running a course copy would change the course copy setting in the target course to whatever was set in the source course. This became an issue when using the setting "A read-only version of the original activities in this course" because it changed the setting in the target course from our default setting of “Copies of activities and items in this course” and the change was not apparent unless you looked at the course copy settings in the target course.

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