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How to duplicate Assignments

If you want to create an assignment that is a copy of another assignment you can duplicate your assignment to create a deep copy of everything in that assignment. A deep copy will create a new copy of the assignment, the underlying activity, and copies of every item in that assignment. 

All of the original assignment settings will be copied to the new assignment except for the assignment name, overrides (the "Everyone" override will be copied), and the publish status. On duplication, a new associated Canvas assignment will be created for the copy and the duplicated assignment will be unpublished.

  • Find the assignment that you want to duplicate in the assignments list in Atomic Assessments
  • Click the three-dot menu for the assignment

Figure 1: Duplicate Assignment button

  • Select Duplicate Assignment

Figure 2: Duplicate assignment pop-up

  • A pop-up will appear asking for you to name your new assignment. If you do not choose a name, the default name will be "(name of original assignment) Copy"

Figure 3: Duplicated assignment

  • The duplicate assignment will appear in the Assignments list

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