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Specifying Content for an Assignment Start Screen

You can customize the start screen for your assignment by creating an item with the content you want to display. In order to specify the content for the start screen of an assignment:

  1. Under the Item Bank tab, select Items, create an Item using the Features options and select Passage type.

  2. Enter the start screen content, title, and Save

  3. Navigate to the desired assignment and select the pencil in the right hand corner to edit the assignment.

  4.  Click on the Start Screen underneath the three dot menu on the upper right hand side below the save button.

  1. Select the start screen Item just created.

  2. Turn on the Show start screen setting in the Assignment.

Note: The Start Screen will not appear as an item within the assignment. If Find items is selected, the Item that was selected as the start screen will appear selected to confirm it will be included in the assignment. To reset the start screen, go to the same three dot menu and Reset Start Screen will appear in place of Start Screen.

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