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Managing and applying tags to items

Tags can be used to organize Items within an assignment and to randomize questions using Item pools. Tags created in this interface are scoped to each course but can be copied when a course is copied by a Canvas course copy or when a course is exported in an .imscc file. When finding Items or applying tags to an Item, only tags from the course are auto-suggested.

Creating course tags

  1. Navigate to the Content Manager within the Atomic Assessments three-dot Settings menu.

  2. Click on the Tags tab.

  3. Within this tag menu you can create tags under:

    1. Level 1 - 3 tags

      1. Type in your tag and hit enter to save the tag.

    2. Adding additional tag types

      1. In the Tag type window type in your tag and hit enter to save the tag.

Applying tags to items

  1. Navigate to the Item in either the Content Manager or within an assignment.
  2. Click on the Settings button next to the Edit and Preview buttons
  3. Navigate to the Tags tab
  4. Search to find your tag in the "Attach tags to this item" box. Click on the intended tag in the dropdown list of options to attach the tag to the Item.
  5. Apply the tag and Save your Item.

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