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How can I copy a course and make sure the Assessments are copied too?

You can copy Atomic Assessments using Canvas course copy or through the Canvas Import/Export process. 

When copying a course, you first need to make sure that the LTI tool is installed either into both the master and target courses individually or the sub-account of both courses. Once that is done, you can either import all course content or specific course content. 

You can choose what happens when a course is copied through a Canvas course copy or through the Canvas selective import process.

  1. Navigate to the gear at the top right of the assignment manager (course settings)

  2. Select Settings

  3. When this course is copied, assignments in the new course should reference:

Copies of the activities and items in this course. (This is the default)

The activities and items are duplicated and the assignments in the new course point at the new copies of the content. You can edit the activities and items in the new course. Editing them does not modify the content since it is editing a copy.

The original activities and items in this course.

The activities and assignments in the target course will reference the original course. Activity changes made in the original course will be reflected in the child course. These activities and items will not be editable in the child course and won’t appear in the Item Bank or be viewable in an assignments Item tab.    


Import all Atomic Assessments content on next Canvas import can be used to specify whether or not to import all Atomic Assessments content when importing a Canvas course, this is enabled by default. If this option is disabled, using the "Copy a Canvas Course" option to import specific content will only import Atomic Assessments content associated with Assignments and Pages that are selected to be imported.

This setting will only work properly if a global Canvas token has been specified for your account, please contact support if you have additional questions

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